Technical Manual

The Technical Manual is a cornerstone document for Johne's Management Limited. It collates all scientific information about Johne's disease, applicable to deer farming in New Zealand, into a single 130 page document. It is structured and written to make this information easily accessed and assimilated into practical on-farm control programmes for the disease in deer. First published in 2009 it is reviewed and updated annually with the revised material distributed to all members of the Johne's Consultant Network.   

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Farmer Manual

The Farmer Manual is based on the Technical Manual and provides farmers with a holistic overview of managing Johne's disease in deer, based on science but without the often lengthy epidemiological background of the Technical Manual. A copy of the Farmer Manual was mailed by JML to all deer farmers in 2010. Copies are also available at deer farming events such as Farm Focus Days, Field Days or deer related conferences. Copies can also be obtained by emailing JML (


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 Johne's Research Group 1 Bulletins

During 2004 and 2005 a series of bulletins were published by the Johne's Research Group (JRG1) to bring farmers up to date with research into Johne's disease in deer. Topics included on-farm implications of the disease, monitoring techniques, control options and background information on diagnostic testing methods. Each bulletin is available as a download.   

Johne's disease - what does this mean for you and your farm in 2004?  JRG1_Bulletin 1

The implications of lymph node lesions due to Johne's disease at processing  JRG1_bulletin 2 

Update of current research on Johne's disease in deer   JRG1_bulletin 3

How to manage Johne's disease   JRG1_bulletin 4

Research update: intra-uterine transmission, Johne's disease in wildlife on infected farms and Johne's disease research in Australia   JRG1_bulletin 5

Information on diagnostic tests for Johne's disease in deer JRG1_bulletin 6 

A large epidemiological study begins JRG1_bulletin 7

A national database for monitoring Johne's disease and research update: vaccination of deer, epidemiological study update, dose rate and strain trial results   JRG1_bulletin 8