DeerPRO Venison Production report

We have freely available Venison Production Reports (see our example) that summarise key measures of your processed young deer over the last five seasons. They are an ideal way to see the impact of changes you've made to your deer system and for comparing your system against some broad industry benchmarks.

The reports include a five season trend of 

  • Tallies of both young and mature deer processed 
  • Total kilograms of carcass produced
  • Average carcass weights for young deer
  • Average kill dates for young deer
  • Average growth rate for young deer
  • A kill profile comparing your monthly tally of processed deer against the weekly Agrifax schedule
  • The rate of Johne's disease suspect lesions
  • Carcass weight loss associated with Johne's disease suspect lesions
  • NAIT RFID codes for your deer identified with Johne's disease suspect lesions

On request, we can also estimate the financial cost of Johne's disease in your deer.

This year-on-year information is a great help for working through a Deer Health Review with your veterinarian. It's also an excellent way of tracking the progress of your deer unit over time.

We offer same day delivery and your request is as easy as a call or email:

0800 456 453 or

This information is completely confidential to you and not distributed to a third party without your prior consent.